It all started on a warm summer night on the 26th of May, 19 something or other, in the small town of Maryville, Missouri. From the day I hit the Earth, I have always known I would be involved with music in some way, shape or form. From school and show choirs to performing at dances and on-stage anywhere anyone would watch, I have always had a beat in my head, a glide in my stride and a dip in my hip. In elementary school is when I finally found out about the deejay on a field trip to our local radio station and I was amazed. Then, I found out about turntablism and mixing at a rave in 1997 and from then on I have NEVER been without two turntables and a microphone.


My love for music then went from being on-stage performing to actually producing and engineering in the studio. I went to Columbia College in Chicago and finished in Orlando, Fla. when I graduated from Full Sail University. I went back to Chicago and started to intern at Chicago Recording Company and from there went to NYC and Philadelphia working in small studios and production labs!


I decided to move to Texas and who would have guessed radio would be in my future. I had to start from scratch and learn a new craft. But needless to say, I have made it from intern to part-time to Production Director and now the Content Director/Creative Services Director!